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About Us

It was in the roar of the waves that Bocados de Praia (Bits of Beach) reached the Portuguese coast. The artist Filipa Sousa, born in Setúbal, a land that belongs to the sea, welcomed in her talent this idea made of bits and pieces of beach, sea, and of ourselves.

Nothing in nature is equal, everything is unique. This simple premise is carried to the singular craft of Filipa Sousa, acquiring a story that is so characteristic. The human element - vases, pots, plates, lamps, picture frames - merges with that of what the sea is made - shells, starfish, sea snails, sand - manually, the only way it could be done, providing each piece not only with a unique personality, but life itself.

Like the infinite multiplicity of marine artefacts, there are also endless stories scattered by all of us, in the spaces we inhabit, the places we travel and objects we use. Is there any item you want to see transformed by our craft? Whether it has a utility or decorative purpose, the hands of the crafter can transform anything - frames, candles, boxes, centerpieces, plates, lamps, and much more. Made of stories, the beach that Filipa Sousa takes to your spaces - hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants - or events - weddings, christenings, parties - may have its own narrative.

More than quality, more than decoration, Bocados de Praia is a craft of personal nature. Make your space an environment with stories, be it rustic or sophisticated. You can find our products in selected home decor stores, in our online shop or by contacting us.

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